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My Word Works Grade 1-2


This word family book helps students recognize and spell words that contain the same combinations of letters or phonetic elements. The first section provides headings containing important consonant combinations (onsets), and it shows where they can and cannot appear within words. Sample words are listed underneath, followed by blank lines where students add additional words from phonics lessons,word walls, or other sources.

A second section lists vowel-consonant combinations (rimes), with sample wordsand blank lines for new additions underneath. Both sections also provide blankheadings and formats so that additional letter patterns can be added to supplementa specific curriculum or customize the book for particular students.


Skills Addressed
• Alphabetization
• Phonics
• Spelling
• Word Recognition
• Dictionary Skills
This series of three journals highlights important phonetic elements, empowers students to recognize and spell increasingly challenging words, and expands their vocabulary while increasing recognition and writing skills.