About The Program

A Guide to Teaching Phonics is based upon procedures used successfully by the author for many years in remedial work with children and older students who have specific language disabilities. The techniques were developed in association with Dr. Samuel T. Orton, who is widely recognized for bringing a neurological approach to the identification and education of children with specific learning disabilities.

There are 3 salient features to this guide. First, it presents a structured approach to the study of phonics, teaching the sounds as separate units and teaching the process of blending them into syllables and words for recognition in reading and recall in writing. Second, it is an integrated, multisensory language approach. Each unit and sequence is established through seeing, hearing, speaking, and writing. The process is circular: auditory, visual and kinesthetic patterns reinforce each other and provide for individual differences among the students. Third, it is a systematic approach, proceeding from the simple to the more complex in an upward spiral of language development.

This guide is designed to be used with the Orton Phonics Cards and includes specific instructions on how to use the cards. For more information on the cards, click on their title in the list below