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Orton Phonics Cards

The Orton Phonics Cards (2 3/16" x 3 3/8") are designed to be used in conjunction with the Guide to Teaching Phonics, which includes specific instructions for their use. These cards reinforce the multisensory Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching phonics. They can also be used to provide valuable support to teachers and students using any phonics program.

The cards consist of 100 common phonograms to be used for teaching the “language code” units and their sequences in words for reading, writing, and spelling. The 6 main groupings are:
• Alphabet letters
• Consonant digraphs
• Consonant blends
• Long vowel teams
• Vowel diphthongs
• Common endings

It is recommended that each student have his or her own set of cards in addition to the teacher’s set.

Skills Addressed
• Sound-symbol relationships
• Spelling generalizations
• Syllabication
• Short and long vowel sounds
• Digraphs
• Diphthongs
• Affixes and roots
• Word structure
• Consonant sounds
• Decoding and encoding words