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Bench Mark Measures Kit


Bench Mark Measures is an assessment tool that contains 3 sequential tests in 4 areas of remedial language training: alphabet and dictionary skills, reading, handwriting, and spelling. The test levels correspond to the 3 schedules of the Alphabetic Phonics curriculum, but the tests can be used to measure any student’s general phonics knowledge. Bench Mark Measures is not restricted to any grade level but can serve as a diagnostic tool, as a measure of progress in remediation, or as a criterion for ending remediation. Each test requires 30-60 minutes to administer, alphabet and reading tests must be given individually, but handwriting and spelling tests may be given to a group. The complete kit includes a Guide to Bench Mark Measures, Bench Mark Measures: The Tests, a Graph of Concepts and Multisensory Letter Introductions, Summary Sheets, and a Skeleton Dictionary


Alphabet phonics is an ungraded, multisensory curriculum that teaches phonics and the structure of language using the Orton-Gillingham approach to teach handwriting, spelling, reading, reading comprehension and oral and written expression.