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Foundations for Literacy: Structures and Techniques

Foundations for Literacy: Structures and Techniques for Multisensory Teaching of Basic Written English Language Skills (revised edition) is the basic manual for Alphabetic Phonics. It defines the terminology and coding used in the curriculum, presents 4 levels of daily lesson plans, outlines multisensory teaching methods, and details procedures and activities for teaching the alphabet, reading, cursive handwriting, dictation, copying, spelling, and verbal and written expression. Syllable division and spelling formulas are covered in depth. A graph divided into 3 schedules coordinates the sequence of grapheme introduction with essential related concepts and other components of the program. An appendix offers a large list of reference and supplementary materials.

Alphabet phonics is an ungraded, multisensory curriculum that teaches phonics and the structure of language using the Orton-Gillingham approach to teach handwriting, spelling, reading, reading comprehension and oral and written expression.