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Schedule I: Student's Book

Dyslexia Training Program Schedule I: Student’s Book introduces the development of spoken and written language, the invention, importance, and sequence of the alphabet, visual and tactile recognition of letter shapes, letter names, diacritical markings and codes, blending and sounds, and the identification and function of vowels and consonants. Schedule I covers short vowels "i" and "a", consonants "t", "p", "n", "s", "l", "d", "f", and "h", suffix "-s", doubling final "f", "l", and "s", and spelling "s" as "s" or "ss".

Part of a 2-year, cumulative series of daily 1-hour video lessons and accompanying Student’s Books and Teacher’s Guides is a structured, multisensory sequence of alphabet, reading, spelling, cursive handwriting, listening, language history, and review.