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Schedule IIIA: Student's Book

Dyslexia Training Program Schedule IIIA: Student’s Book covers diphthongs "oi", "oy", "oo", "ea", "ou", "ow", digraphs "wh" and "ch", trigraph "tch", initial "wr", prefixes "mis-", "un-", "inter-", "dis-", "sub-", "over-", "under-", "self-", "super-", "in-", "pre-", "semi-", and "a-", suffixes "-ful", and "-es", "ild" and "old" words, "-stle", final "y" plurals, prefix "re-" and root "port", prefix "ex-" and root "pel", prefix "post-"" and root script", prefix "trans- "and root "ject", roots "tract" and "mit", second year introductory review, hard and soft "c", final (s), and more.

Part of a 2-year, cumulative series of daily 1-hour video lessons and accompanying Student’s Books and Teacher’s Guides is a structured, multisensory sequence of alphabet, reading, spelling, cursive handwriting, listening, language history, and review.