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Schedule IIIB: Student's Book

Dyslexia Training Program Schedule IIIB: Student’s Book covers combinations "ow", "oa", "oe", "au", "aw", "ea", "ue",and "ie", VCCCV, changing rule, "g" as (g) and (j), Anglo-Saxon Words, suffixes "-ment", "-ist", "-let", "-ish", "-hood", "-age", "-some", and "-ity", spelling (j), final (j), long vowels, accent, analyzing spelling lists, possessives, "sion" and "tion", and changing "f "and "fe" to "ves".

Part of a 2-year, cumulative series of daily 1-hour video lessons and accompanying Student’s Books and Teacher’s Guides is a structured, multisensory sequence of alphabet, reading, spelling, cursive handwriting, listening, language history, and review.