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Schedule IIIC: Student's Book

Dyslexia Training Program Schedule IIIC: Student’s Book covers combinations "ie", "ei", "ey", "eu", "ew", "ou", doubling rule for multisyllables, VV syllable division, roots "cede", "rupt", "fer", and "gress", "ph" = (f), "ch" = (k), Greek "y", prefixes "hyper-", "hypo-", "macro-", "micro-", "phono-", "photo-", "astro-", "tele-", and "con-", suffix "-ous", French endings "ine", "ile", and "ice", "ti" = (sh), "ci" = (sh), "ture" = (choor), and continental "a". The closure lessons review the concepts taught throughout the training program.

Part of a 2-year, cumulative series of daily 1-hour video lessons and accompanying Student’s Books and Teacher’s Guides is a structured, multisensory sequence of alphabet, reading, spelling, cursive handwriting, listening, language history, and review.