About The Program

To Identify First-Grade Academic Needs
Grades K–1
By: Beth H. Slingerland
These group tests, for students who have had no introduction to reading, evaluate auditory, visual, and kinesthetic strengths to identify dyslexia or specific language disability. For the Slingerland Reliability and Validity Study, go to eps.schoolspecialty.com/research.
Difficulties in the initial stages of learning to read, write, and spell; in verbalizing, and eventually in written expression, may be indicated by:
  • Short attention span
  • Questionable language development (understood or expressive)
  • Faulty perception and recall of visual and/or auditory symbols
  • Lack of facility with activities that require fine motor coordination
  • Awkward pencil grip
Multisensory Reading Intervention
Screening enables a school to institute immediate reading intervention through multisensory instruction. If dyslexia or specific language disability is identified, the following multisensory reading intervention resources and programs are available:

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