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Little Stories

Little Stories is a compilation of small booklets of phonetically controlled short stories that follow the Orton-Gillingham sequence and can be used to reinforce the  concepts taught in the Orton Gillingham Manual. There are 7 booklets in the following groups:
• Group I: 2 booklets, Tom and Jip and Fat Sam
• Group II:1 booklet, Ted and Kip
• Group III 1 booklet containing 2 stories, Jake and Kate and Sam and Jane
• Group IV 3 booklets, The Little Red Hen, Much Fun, and Tim Tadpole

Little Stories also comes with a set of cards with additional short stories printed on them for each group. These stories can be used for fluency practice and are especially useful for struggling readers or those students with language-based learning disabilities.

Skills Addressed
• Sound-symbol relationships
• Short and long vowel sounds
• Digraphs
• Consonant sounds
• Decoding connected text
Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham were pioneers in the field of dyslexia. Their groundbreaking Orton-Gillingham approach, sometimes referred to as OG, has been regarded as the most crucial and significant reading intervention designed specifically for children and adults with dyslexia.