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Literacy Program - Student Book 3

Literacy Program Student Book 3, Lessons 61-100 provides exercises in word attack, reading words and phrases, sound system, fluency and accuracy, spelling deck, spelling, reading context, and listening comprehension. The appendices include spelling deck paper and 24 key word cards. Lessons cover suffixes "-ment" and "-ful", combinations "-ar", "-er", "-ir", "-ur", and "-or", bossy "w", "qu" = (kw), V/CV, prefixes "un-", "in-", "mis-", "dis-", "pre-", "re-", "sub-", "inter-", "over-", and "under-", dropping rule, exceptions to Vr syllables, kind "-old" words, "-tion" and "-sion", diphthongs "oi", "oy", "ou", and "ow", digraphs "oa", "oe", "au", and "ue", VC/V, "g" and "dge", plural rule #2, and silent letters "kn" and "gn".

Part of the TSRH Literacy program. Designed as a one-year literacy course consisting of 160 one-hour videotaped lessons accompanied by student workbooks, designed for those who read below sixth-grade level. It teaches the alphabet, reading, cursive writing, spelling, and listening comprehension.