Build Essential Literacy Skills with EPS School Specialty Phonics Programs

Teacher-trusted phonics and word study programs from EPS School Specialty support key instructional approaches, helping you promote literacy skills in your PreK–12 students. Our time-tested programs include Primary Phonics, Explode The Code, Megawords, EPS Phonics PLUS, and more, building essential vocabulary and leading to student mastery.

Pedagogical Information

“A Few Words on Sight Words: Needs and Solutions” by Betty Kracht Johnson
“Background of Phonics” from A Guide to Teaching Phonics
“Common Vowel and Consonant Spellings” from Language Tool Kit
“The Important of Automaticity and Fluency For Efficient Reading Comprehension Areas” by Pamela E. Hook & Sandra D. Jones, from Perspectives, Spring 2004
“Prefix and Suffix Word List Reference” from Teaching and Assessing Phonics
“The Place of Phonics in the Total Reading Program” from Teaching and Assessing Phonics
“Three Approaches to Phonics” by John Savage
“Why Teach Phonics?” from Teaching and Assessing Phonics