EPS Phonics PLUS®

A comprehensive program focused on meaning and decoding that accelerates students’ ability to approach and enjoy new texts.

 Grades K–3

This literature-rich program, combining foundational skills with understanding, is filled with enjoyable passages and beautifully illustrated 4-color decodable books that provide students immediate and meaningful opportunities to use their newly acquired phonics skills.

  • In Student Workbooks and Teacher Guides, language arts skills are interwoven such that listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities connect phonics skills with all the elements needed to build reading performance.
  • The Teacher Guides offer modeling techniques and "Think Alouds" to facilitate comprehension and skill development. Differentiated guides also give teachers and specialists explicit lessons that save time and prevent students from falling behind.
  • The Picture Glossary contains picturable words from student books to support language acquisition for ELL students and to promote independence and vocabulary development.
  • Student ability to read a whole Decodable Reader builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment while providing a balanced focus on decoding and meaning.

John F. Savage, the series primary author, is Professor Emeritus at the Lynch School of Education, Boston College, where he taught for 33 years and served as the Coordinator of the Graduate Reading / Literacy program.