Assessment of Decoding and Encoding Skills

This diagnostic assessment helps you place students in the appropriate Megawords level and provides data on each student's strengths and weaknesses. 

Teacher's Guides

Guides provide direct, point-of-use instruction that follows the Megawords 6-Step Instructional Plan.
  • Suggestions for differentiating instruction
  • Assessment options for progress monitoring
  • Reproducible assessments and recording forms
  • Student Book answer key 

Student Books

Each student book focuses on a specific group of advanced phonics or word study skills. Exercises are multisensory and require students to read, say, and write word parts and words.
Exercises Include:
  • Decoding and encoding activities
  • Recognizing syllable patterns
  • Using words in context
  • Understanding word meaning
  • Content-area reading passages
  • Review exercises to reinforce concepts