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Megawords Book 7 (108 pp.)

Book 7 focuses on unaccented i and u and on advanced words that require the V/V syllabication rule. Special accent patterns for longer words are introduced. Exercises include spelling practice, proofreading, crossword puzzles, word finds, fill in the blank, categorizing, sorting, and passage reading for fluency and comprehension.

Skills Addressed:

  • Unaccented vowels and advanced V/V
  • List 34: -i-, -ity, -ical, -i = /[set schwa]/
  • List 35: i = long e, u = /[set schwa]/ or long u
  • List 36: i = /y/
  • List 37: ti and ci = /sh/
  • List 38: Advanced V/V
Megawords teaches the reading, spelling, and contextual use of multisyllabic words through multisensory instruction and systematic skills progression. It can be used in a variety of settings and across all RTI tiers.