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Primary Phonics MORE Workbook 1


More Workbook 1 was developed for students who need more practice with the short vowels taught in Workbook 1 of Primary Phonics. It emphasizes discrimination between short vowels and provides practice with the seventeen consonants. Exercises include short-vowel word construction with guides for identifying initial, medial, and final sounds in each word. Attention is given to identifying the short vowels as initial sounds in words. Some pages emphasize comprehension through questions asked about a picture. More Workbook 1 introduces new one-syllable, short vowel words at a faster pace than Workbook 1.


Skills Addressed
 Initial consonant sounds
Short vowel sounds
Sight vocabulary
Sentence construction
Primary Phonics is a systematic, phonics-based early reading program that facilitates individualized instruction through flexible, skills-based workbooks and storybooks that correspond to students’ ability levels.