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Right into Reading 3

Book 3 covers the advanced phonics skills necessary for students to read fluently with comprehension. Students apply their new phonics skills as they read selections from a wide variety of content areas. They also have opportunities to learn about the same subject from informational as well as fictional contexts. Narrative topics include Three Ancient Civilizations of the Americas, Some Facts about Egypt, and Spider Stories.

Skills Addressed
Soft g and c
• Silent letters

Unexpected vowel sounds ei, ey, ie
The sounds of k and s
Vowels with r
Sound-symbol relationships

Phonemic awareness
Phonics rules
Reading words in context
Vocabulary in context
Literal and inferential comprehension
Writing in response to text
Critical thinking

Right into Reading introduces phonics skills in a carefully ordered sequence of “bite-size” lessons so that students can progress easily and successfully from one reading level to the next.