Phonological Awareness and Phonics for Reading Readiness and Remediation

Sounds Sensible® provides hands-on instruction in the most reliable indicators of reading success: phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and understanding letter-sound relationships, as well as handwriting. Our unique 5-step lessons follow a structured literacy approach, helping students quickly master 20 consonants and short a.

Grades Pre-K – 4

Sounds Sensible provides phonological awareness and beginning phonics instruction for beginning or struggling readers
Beginning readers – Instruction builds the foundational skills of reading to prevent reading failure before it starts
Struggling readers – an Orton-Gillingham based reading intervention for any grade level that serves as Pre-Level 1 of the S.P.I.R.E.® program

Lesson Steps

  1. Listening

    Focuses students' attention on sounds in words, develops listening skills, builds background knowledge, expands oral vocabulary, and develops familiarity with print concepts.
  2. Rhyming

    Develops students' ability to identify and manipulate rhyme through activities such as rhyme identification, categorization, providing, and matching.
  3. Segmentation

    Develops awareness of the 1-to-1 correspondence between spoken and written words. Segmentation and deletion activities progress from sentences, to compound words, to syllables, to phonemes.
  4. Phoneme-Grapheme Relationships

    Teaches letter name, its sound, and correct form for manuscript writing.
  5. Dictation

    Develops students’ ability to connect a phoneme to its symbol in written form.

Sounds Sensible Kit

Kit provides all materials needed for implementation
  • Teacher's Guide with Blackline Masters
  • Traffic Light Handwriting Chart (Teacher and Student version, 1 copy each)
  • Instructional Cards
  • Sound and Rhyme Mats, Game Cards, and Manipulatives

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Student Workbook


All materials needed for the program are included in the Sounds Sensible Kit. Add consumable student workbooks to:

  • Organize student work
  • Promote ease of use
  • Reduce instructor preparation time

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Traffic Light Handwriting Chart Student Edition

  • Double-sided sheet can be used with dry erase markers
  • Allows for individual students to practice letter formation
  • One copy is included in the Kit, additional copies available for purchase

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Sounds Sensible also serves as Pre-Level 1 of S.P.I.R.E.
Learn more about S.P.I.R.E. ›