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Touchphonics Single Touch Units Set



Choking Hazard-Small parts.

The Touch-Units include more than 200 three-dimensional textured-plastic letter units, color-coded by category, and representing all English graphemes. Touch-Units are soft; the topside is rough and the underside is smooth. If students place the Touch-Unit upside down, it will not lie flat, a clue that helps students self-correct letter reversals.

Categories and Colors:
  • Single Consonants (yellow)
    • Examples: b, c, d, j, k, p, t, v and z, f, l, m, n, s, r, x, g, h, qu, y, w


  • Consonant Digraphs (yellow)
    • Examples: ch, sh, wh, th as in thin, th as in that


  • Silent Letter Combinations (white with yellow sounded letters)
    • Examples: kn, ck, mb, gu, wr


  • Initial Consonant Blends (blue)
    • Examples: bl, br, sl, st, gr, gl, sn, cl, pr, tr, dr, pl


  • Final Consonant Blends (green)
    • Examples: sp, st, sk, nd, ng, nk, nt, mp, lt, nch


  • Borrowed Sounds, Schwa, and Punctuation Marks (brown)
    • Examples: gh, ph, ci, si,ti, ú, 2, ')


  • Vowels (red)
    • Examples: a, e, i, o, u, y


  • Silent Letters (white)
    • Examples: e, w, gh, t


  • r Controlled Vowels (yellow and red)
    • Examples: or, ar, ir, er, us, air, ear


  • Vowel Combinations (red)
    • Examples: eel, oa, ie, ui, oo, ow, ew, ey, ei, ea, ou, ai, aw, oy


  • Prefixes (orange)
    • Examples: en, dis, de, pre, un, per, imp, pro, re, con, a, com, in, ex


  • Suffixes (purple)
    • Examples: s, es, ing, ed, er, est, en, ary, sure, ness, ic

Touchphonics provides at-risk students with a multisensory approach to phonics, word structure, and spelling. Students use Touch-Units® to link sounds to letters, recognize patterns, and build and write words before finally reading words in context.