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Touchphonics Storage System A (stores 2-3 Touch-unit sets)


Tested in classrooms nationwide, the new Touch-unit storage system helps to minimize organization time and maximize instruction time!

Storage system A dimensions are 20" L x 6 3/8" W x 15 13/16" H. Storaage System B is comprised of two Storage System A units.

  • Individual drawers allow teachers quick access to Touch-units - a helpful feature for classroom management
  • Drawers can be removed from the unit, allowing teachers to pull what's needed and keep instructional workspace uncluttered
  • Durable plastic drawers stand up to heavy classroom use and resist breaking.


Touchphonics provides at-risk students with a multisensory approach to phonics, word structure, and spelling. Students use Touch-Units® to link sounds to letters, recognize patterns, and build and write words before finally reading words in context.