Storybooks A

Handprints Level A materials are intended for students who have little or no experience reading emergent books.

Text features include:
  • both caption books and stories with a beginning, middle, and end
  • strong picture support
  • consistent or inconsistent language structures within each storybook
  • text designed to encourage left-to-right movement and one-to-one matching of voice and print
  • one or two lines of print per page
  • exaggerated spacing between words to encourage voice–print matching

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Storybooks B

Handprints Level B materials are intended to be some of the first books that students can read on their own.

Text features include:

  • multiple language patterns within each storybook to encourage the children to attend to print
  • illustrations which clearly support text

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Storybooks C

Handprints Level C materials are intended for students who have already had some experience reading early emergent and emergent books.

Text features include:

  • strong picture support, but not as strong as in Level B storybooks
  • books which feature repeat natural language patterns, to cue students to unlock text
  • books containing stories with a beginning, middle and end
  • several lines of print on each page, with lines arranged to help children begin to read words in phrases

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Storybooks D

Handprints Level D materials are intended for students whose reading ability is developing beyond the emergent stage toward independence.

Pictures and language patterns are no longer the primary means for these readers to predict unknown words. Developing readers are beginning to go beyond the first letter to decode words and know how to check their predictions with meaning and language. They have a larger sight vocabulary and are reading words in a phrased and fluent manner.

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Handprints Audio CDs

Handprints Audio CDs offer auditory support for each book in the series and are well suited for listening centers, independent practice, and take-home use.  These CDs will help your students increase word automaticity as well as fluency.