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Dee Goes Swimming (Pack of 6) - Handprints Level J/18 (Set D3)

Dee helps a child who is afraid of swimming, just as Dee was before she took swimming lessons. Varied sentence lengths. Mostly longer lines. Unusual vocabulary and multi-syllabic words. Quotations include suggested, ,whispered, sobbed, explained, exclaimed. High Frequency Words: arrive, happened, sure, suggested.
Dee also appears in Puppy Comes Home, Level B/2 (Set A3);  A Picnic at the Beach, Level D/5 (Set B3); The Pool, Level D6 (Set C1); No, Bo!, Level D/6 (Set C1); At the Water Park, Level E/8 (Set C3); I Did It!, Level E/8 (Set D1); Swimming Lessons, Level F/10 (Set D2).