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Dolly's Car (Pack of 6) - Handprints Level H/14 (Set C2)


Guided Reading Level: H
Reading Recovery® Level: 14
Word Count: 192

Jess makes a paper car for her paper doll, Dolly. Opportunities for reading with expression and in phrases. Moderate picture support; some word analysis required. Narration and dialogue, including divided quotations. Again, across, away. Inflected words: going, fixed, Dolly, shouted. High Frequency Words: new, made, car, saw.
Jess also appears in A Hot Day, Level C/4 (Set B2); Up and Down, Level C/4 (Set C1); The Black Kitten, Level E/8 (Set C2); Jess in the Snow, Level E/8 (Set C2); The Race, Level E/8 (Set C3); The Car Wash, Level F/9 (Set D1); The Birthday Piñata, Level H/14 (Set D2); Dear Grandpa, Level J/18 (Set D3).