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No, Bo! (Pack of 6) - Handprints Level D/6 (Set C1)


Guided Reading Level: D
Reading Recovery® Level: 6
Word Count: 109

The dog Bo is being scolded by family members for climbing on the furniture. Each page shows Bo in trouble on a different weekday. Some patterned text. Dialogue with shouted, said. Book helpful for practicing reading in a phrased and expressive manner. Possessives. Contraction: can’t. High Frequency Words: day, climbed, shouted.
Andy also appears in Puppy Comes Home, Level B/2 (Set A3); Come Here, Puppy!, Level C/3 (Set B2); The Pool, Level D6 (Set C1); Playing Ball, Level E/8 (Set C2); Not It!, Level F/9 (Set C2); At the Water Park, Level E/8 (Set C3); Clean Up Time, Level F/9 (Set D1); Swimming Lessons, Level F/10 (Set D2); The First Day of School, Level G/12 (Set D2).