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Not It! (Pack of 6) - Handprints Level F/9 (Set C2)


Guided Reading Level: F
Reading Recovery® Level: 9
Word Count: 177

Andy, Carlos, and Hiro are playing tag at the park. Slapstick humor. One to six lines on a page; some longer lines. Narrative and informal dialogue, with said, shouted, and yelled. Contractions: I’m, can’t, let’s, I’ll, you’re, we’re. Final -y in muddy. High Frequency Words: around, yelled, of, very, laughed.
Andy also appears in Puppy Comes Home, Level B/2 (Set A3); Come Here, Puppy!, Level C/3 (Set B2); The Pool, Level D6 (Set C1); No, Bo!, Level D/6 (Set C1); Playing Ball, Level E/8 (Set C2);  At the Water Park, Level E/8 (Set C3); Clean Up Time, Level F/9 (Set D1); Swimming Lessons, Level F/10 (Set D2); The First Day of School, Level G/12 (Set D2).
Carlos also appears in The Roller Coaster, Level D/6 (Set C1); Who Can Fix the Computer?, Level G/12 (Set D1); King’s Crossing, Level G/12 (Set D2); The Piggy Bank, Level H/13 (Set D3).
Hiro also appears in The First Day of School, Level G/12 (Set D2).