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Rabbit's Skating Party (Pack of 6) - Handprints Level D/5 (Set B2)


Guided Reading Level: D
Reading Recovery® Level: 5
Word Count: 89
Set 2

At Rabbit’s skating party, boastful Little Mouse doesn’t want to admit that he can’t skate. Humorous (slapstick) ending. Line placement encourages phrasing. Inflected words: going, looked, shouted. Boldfaced words and exclamation marks for expressive reading. Contraction: can’t.  High Frequency Words: went, got, shouted.
Little Mouse also appears in Little Mouse, Level C/4 (Set B1); Shopping, Level E/8 (Set C2); Watch Me, Level E/8 (Set C2); The Big Show, Level F/9 (Set C3); That’s Easy, Level F/10 (Set D1); and Miss Fuzzy, Level G/11 (Set D2).