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Swimming Lessons (Pack of 6) - Handprints Level F/10 (Set D2)


Guided Reading Level: F
Reading Recovery® Level: 10
Word Count: 276

When Dee loses a ring in the swimming pool and her brother retrieves it, she understands the benefits of learning to swim. Narrative and dialogue, with said, shouted, cried, answered. Short and long sentences. Words with vowel combinations. High Frequency Words: answered, two, learn.
Dee and/or her brother Rob also appear in Puppy Comes Home, Level B/2 (Set A3);  A Picnic at the Beach, Level D/5 (Set B3); The Pool, Level D6 (Set C1); No, Bo!, Level D/6 (Set C1); At the Water Park, Level E/8 (Set C3); I Did It!, Level E/8 (Set D1); Dee Goes Swimming, Level J/18 (Set D3). In Dee Goes Swimming, Dee finally enjoys swimming.