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Valentines for Little Fox (Pack of 6) - Handprints Level G/12 (Set D2)


Guided Reading Level: G
Reading Recovery® Level: 12
Word Count: 249

Little Fox is too busy to make valentines for his friends, even Raccoon. All he can think about is the valentines he will get. Inference about character and decision-making. Longer lines and words, such as valentines, mailboxes, teacher, tomorrow. Contractions. Time elapses: that night, the next day, the next morning. High Frequency Words: night, friend, open.
Little Fox also appears in Little Fox, Level D/5 (Set B3); Zip Me Up, Level E/7 (Set C2); Little Fox and the Tooth, Level G/12 (Set C3); The Fox Who Cried “Help!”, Level H/13 (Set D3).