Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels present a limited amount of text and exciting graphics, a great starting point for older struggling readers. These books are a great tool for increasing motivation while providing an opportunity for independent reading.

Title Readability Grade
A Call in the Wild 1
The Quest of Perseus 2
Pyramid Scheme 2
Racing Rivals 2
The Return of the Golden Hawk 2
The Worst Day Ever 2
Riverside’s Most Talented 2
Something Strange in Southville 2
Recipe for Disaster 2


Fiction titles feature compelling plots and strong characters that adolescents can related to. Their trade book “look’ will appeal to older struggling readers.

Title Readability Grade
Making It Work 2
Rosa’s Journey 2
Earthquake! 2
Strike Three! 2
Astrobat Challenge 2
A Year of Change 3
Out of the Park 3
Henry Carter’s Escape 3
The Bracelet in the Attic 3


Nonfiction titles connect with content-area curriculum from science, social studies, and literature. These books help prepare students for the informational texts they will encounter throughout their academic careers.

Title Readability Grade
Snowboards 3
Phineas Gage 3
Women Win the Vote 3
Exploring Mars 4
Stone by Stone 4
Hello? Are You There? 4
Marooned on an Island 4
Antarctica 4
At the Scene of the Crime 4
The Little Rock Nine 4
The World of Television 4
Feel the Music 4
Faster, Higher, Stronger 5
A Record of War 5
Art for All 5
The Detective Story Handbook 5
The Great White Hurricane 5
Puzzles from the Past 5