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Touchphonics Blackline Decodable Readers (Vol. 1 & 2)


The Blackline Masters are a set of 59 illustrated, decodable readers to be reproduced, one for each Touchphonics lesson. The Readers include continuing characters and humorous situations that invite students to apply skills and enjoy reading. Story titles follow the order in which they are presented in the lessons and include all the stories in Volumes 1 and 2.

Volume 1 titles:

Volume 2 titles:


Skills Addressed

Decodable Readers Volume 1 covers:

  • Word pattern group 1 (VC and CVC words)
  • Word pattern group 2 (consonant blends and silent letters)
  • Word pattern group 3 (CV, CVe, and CVCe words)

Decodable Readers Volume 2 covers:

  • Word pattern group 4 (r-controlled vowel words)
  • Word pattern group 5 (vowel combinations)
Touchphonics provides at-risk students with a multisensory approach to phonics, word structure, and spelling. Students use Touch-Units® to link sounds to letters, recognize patterns, and build and write words before finally reading words in context.