Teacher's Manual

This wealth of resources in a teacher-friendly format provides:

  • Strategies for teaching every skill
  • Detailed procedures and explanations for every lesson step
  • Review tests throughout that determine advancement to next skill
  • Phonetic games and review activities
  • Cross references to Workbooks and The Alphabet Series
  • Detailed lessons for syllables, spelling, affixes


Extended practice for handwriting and phonics skills is presented in a student-friendly format.

The Alphabet Series

Illustrated decodable readers allow students to apply phonics skills to text and develop fluency and comprehension. (39 titles)

Sound Cards

Two-sided cards present letter(s) and their key words.

Affix and Root Cards

Used to reinforce decoding and vocabulary knowledge, these cards:

  • Present a prefix, root, or suffix on one side and definition on the other
  • Use color to indicate origin (green-Anglo-Saxon, orange-Latin, blue-Greek)

Writing Paper

Students work at their own level of fine-motor development with specially designed paper that comes in four sizes and has red and blue guidelines.

Sequence Charts

This handy tool is used to track and report student progress.