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Recipe for Reading Basic Kit

This package includes the Recipe for Reading Manual, 50 Sequence Charts, and Writing Paper, to be used with the Recipe for Reading program. Please see these individual titles for more information.

Skills Addressed
• Consonant-vowel-consonant words (short vowels)
• Consonant digraphs
• Two-syllable compound words
ff-ll-ss-zz doubling rule
• Syllabication
• Consonant blends
ng,nk endings
• Open and closed syllables
• Magic e
• Vowel digraphs
• Spellings for /k/
r-controlled vowels
• Diphthongs
• Consonant -le endings
• Consonant -y endings
y as a vowel
• Hard and soft c
• Hard and soft g
• The three /au/s
• -ing ending
• Vowel-consonant-vowel spelling rule
• Alternative spellings
• Alternative pronunciations
• Affixes and root words
• Spelling with affixes
Part of the Recipe for Reading Series, a comprehensive, multisensory, phonics-based reading program that presents a skill sequence and lesson structure designed for beginning, at-risk, or struggling readers.