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Recipe for Reading Workbook 4

The eight Recipe for Reading student workbooks, written by Connie Russo, provide extended practice on the phonics concepts introduced in the manual. Workbook 4 corresponds to Lessons 23 - 55. There are 5 to 8 practice pages for each skill,  and activities include phonemic awareness, encoding and decoding, and short, decodable stories. The workbooks can be used with any phonics or core program as additional practice

Skills Addressed

• Suffix ed
• Magic e (i-e, o-e, u-e, a-e, e-e)
• Review Tests - Magic e
• Open and Closed Syllables
ph (phone); ck (black)
ea (eat); oa (soap); ai (mail); ee (tree); ay (play); oe (toe)
• Reviewing Four Kinds of Syllables
• Spellings for k, ck, ke

Part of the Recipe for Reading Series, a comprehensive, multisensory, phonics-based reading program that presents a skill sequence and lesson structure designed for beginning, at-risk, or struggling readers.