Pre-Level 1: Sounds Sensible

New for Spring 2020

Sounds Sensible® is effective phonological awareness and beginning phonics instruction for beginning or struggling readers who are not ready for S.P.I.R.E.® Level 1.

  • For beginning readers – essential instruction that builds the foundational skills of reading to prevent reading failure before it starts
  • For struggling readers – an Orton-Gillingham based intervention for any grade level that serves as Pre-Level 1 of the SPIRE program.

Sounds Sensible provides hands-on instruction in the most reliable indicators of reading success: phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and understanding letter-sound relationships, as well as handwriting. Our unique 5-step lessons are structured and sequential for the mastery of 20 consonants and short a.

Kit includes:

  • Teacher's Guide with Blackline Masters
  • Traffic Light Handwriting Chart
  • Instructional Cards
  • Sound and Rhyme Mats, Game Cards, and Manipulatives

*Materials include optional elements for younger students.


S.P.I.R.E.® Hybrid Level Packages (Levels 1-6)

Packages include the Student Workbook and access to the online teacher instruction, assessment, and reporting.

All-in-one Student Workbook

The All-in-one Student Workbook provides decoding, comprehension, and fluency practice for every concept. Included are multiple reading passages for every concept, word lists for developing word analysis skills, comprehension activities, and independent practice pages. All of this content is combined into one workbook to facilitate student use.

  • Content is organized by lesson, making it easy to navigate
  • Reading passages are composed of fully decodable text, controlled for phonics and sight word knowledge
  • Blank graphic organizers, focusing on specific comprehension skills, are included after each passage

Online Teacher Instruction, Assessment, and Reporting

All teacher materials, including assessment and online reporting, are easily accessed in one place through the online teaching platform for effective classroom management. Explicit, teacher-led instruction is provided for every part of the S.P.I.R.E. 10-step lesson. Student assessment data is captured and reported in real-time allowing teachers to gain valuable information about how their students are progressing both individually and as a group.

  • All lessons are delivered online in an easy-to-follow format
  • A streamlined assessment plan includes four key assessments
  • Online reporting allows for easy collection of assessment data
  • Reproducibles are delivered as pdfs
  • 4-color Phonogram Cards, Word Cards, and Keyword Concept Cards are presented digitally
  • Teachers have access to the same content students use at point of use, including answers for workbook pages

Student Manipulatives Kit

This kit includes a magnetic board and letters as well as packages of sound circles and syllable rectangles. The magnetic board and color-coded letter set help students build and manipulate words, while assisting them in differentiating between different types of phonograms. Students use white and green sound circles to represent consonants and vowels. All manipulative activities are described in the teacher online instruction. (1 per student)

Illustrated Decodable Readers

This extensive library of 120 decodable readers covers topics from science, social studies, and literature. As students apply phonics skills to connected text they are exposed to a variety of genres including biographies, fables, poetry, Greek myth, science experiments, and much more!

  • Increase reading practice and build student confidence
  • Bridge learning from decoding to comprehension to fluency
  • Engage students with captivating topics and illustrations
  • Provide a real world application of phonics skills


Level Skill Sequence
1 a, i, o, u, e, sh, ch, th, wh, -ng, -nk
2 ff, ll, ss, al, wa, qu, ck, tch, vCe
3 open syllable, ild, old, ind, ost, oll, ay, -ed, -s,-es,-ing, Twin & Non-Twin Consonant Syllable Division, ou, a-
4 ea, -le, oa, ai, ee, oo, igh, ie
5 Soft c & g, /er/, dge, s = /z/, ow, oe, or,ar
6 a-, -able, ph, ought, aught, ue, ew, tu, oi, oy, aw, au, ey, kn, wr, mb, gh, gu, -age, Open Syllable

View the skills and titles in Set A & B.

Phoneme Segmentation/Phoneme-Grapheme Chart

Model phonemic awareness activities with this two-sided, 15” x 18” magnetic board. Magnetized circles and rectangles representing phonemes and syllables are included. (1 per teacher)

Placement Assessment

This free assessment provides data for the placement of students within S.P.I.R.E. Click on the link below to download.