About The Program

Our best-selling Spectrum series adds real-world math practice! Spectrum has now expanded to include Spectrum Word Problems (formerly Enrichment Math), which focuses on real-world applications of math curriculum. Featuring comprehensive instruction and practice with word problems that were developed with the latest standards-based teaching methods, Spectrum Word Problems provides examples of how the math skills students learn in school apply to everyday life with challenging, multi-step problems. Perfect as a supplement to classroom work or as a home school resource, as well as for proficiency test preparation, these workbooks are the essential source for parents and teachers to help bring math skills out of the textbook and into the student's world. 

Spectrum Word Problems helps young learners improve and strengthen their math skills with real-world word problems, covering topics such as:
  • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
  • Metric and Customary Measurement
  • Graphs, Probability, and Statistics
  • Preparing for Algebra