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Boost Strategic Writing with this effective
Spelling, Grammar, and Word Skills program!

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills® provides a tested progression of materials that enables building visual, spelling and language skills, proofreading, and assessment readiness! The program has an embedded school to home connection with many easy to follow Take-Home Tasks and useful Parent Letters.

Students improve their
knowledge of spelling rules, spelling patterns, and grammar.
grasp of word roots and endings.
application of word and language concepts in their writing.
assessment confidence.

How is Sitton Spelling and Word Skills different than other programs?

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills sets itself apart from other programs by bringing together unique elements which enable students to master spelling, language, and word skills. These important skills strengthen the students’ word knowledge to help them to become better writers. 

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Program Overview

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills

Sample Lessons

Sample Unit, Book 3 (lesson walkthrough) Sourcebook, Level K, Unit 1 Practice Book K, Unit 1 Sourcebook, Level 1, Units 1, 2, & 3 Practice Book 1 Core Words Activity Cards Grade 1 Word Skills in Rhythm & Rhyme Grade 1 Sourcebook, Level 2, Unit 18 Practice Book 2 Core Words Activity Cards Grade 2 Word Skills in Rhythm & Rhyme Grade 2 Sourcebook, Level 3, Unit 17 Practice Book 3 Core Words Activity Cards Grade 3 Word Skills in Rhythm & Rhyme Grade 3 Sourcebook, Level 4, Unit 20 Practice Book 4 Sourcebook, Level 5, Unit 9 Practice Book 5 Sourcebook, Level 6, Unit 28 Practice Book 6 Some Wordsā€”Suffixes Some Wordsā€”Prefixes Some Wordsā€”Homophones Mini Course I Some Wordsā€”Homophones Mini Course II Some Wordsā€”Latin Word Parts Some Wordsā€”Greek Word Parts Some Wordsā€”Often Confused
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Research Paper

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Scope & Sequence Skills & Concepts Sitton English letters to parents and their Spanish translations
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