Level K

Sitton Kindergarten Literacy and Word Skills is here!
Sitton Kindergarten Literacy and Word Skills will provide your Kindergarten students with a strong foundation for the study of spelling and word skills. Each Sourcebook unit contains four sections to help your students obtain these skills and is used in conjunction with the new Kindergarten Practice Book. These sections include:
  • Building Literacy Skills: Students build oral language skills through read-alouds, discussion, retelling and recommended trade books.
  • Building Word Skills: Students build phonemic awareness and phonics skills using rhymes based on stories that feature letters, word families and Core Words.
  • Extending Vocabulary and Background Knowledge: Students participate in cross-curricular activities that develop vocabulary in the context of a range of interesting topics.
  • Celebrating with Children’s Theater: Students prepare and present simple story-based plays that help make learning fun!
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Sourcebook (Grades 1-8)

One teacher resource book for each level contains everything you need in a unit-by-unit format to create a balanced, differentiated program that’s right for your students. You will find differentiated activity choices, assessment that produces individualized spelling lists, and spelling tie-ins to vocabulary, literature, phonics, usage, and writing. Each Sourcebook includes 5 large Teaching Posters.
  • Core Words and Priority Words List
  • Spelling Notebook for a collection of spelling words
  • Rules for reference
  • Answer Key available separately
Scope & Sequence
Skills & Concepts

Sample units:

Practice Books (Grades 1ā€“6)

Create a bound collection of the words, rules, and strategies that students discover within Sitton Spelling and Word Skills™. These consumable student books extend practice, proofreading, and word exploration for every Sourcebook unit. (Available in 5 packs) Also included:
  • Core Words and Priority Words List
  • Spelling Notebook for a collection of spelling words
  • Rules for reference
  • Answer Key available separately
Sample lessons & correlation with Sourcebook activities:

SOME WORDS Vocabulary Series (Grades 4+)

Use these new mini-courses that give upper grade students a boost in vocabulary skills. Each 32-page consumable booklet features an on-another-paper extension activity. Woven in are tie-ins to related skills and essential rules that help students make discoveries about our language and how it works. Absolutely no teacher prep time required–it’s ready to go! (Available in 10-packs)

Sample pages:

Additional Materials

Spell Check Cards (Grades K-6)
Colorful, durable 8.5 x 11” student spelling references list high-use words, plus key grade-level words. Teacher resource of 50+ activities to extend students word experiences is included with each card pack. (Available 
in 10-packs)
  • My Spell Check K-2: 85 high use words, plus animal, clothes, numbers, days, months, family, school, food, and weather words
  • Spell Check 3–6: 150 high-use words, plus months, days, abbreviations, and 75 context sentences to clarify often confused words


Tutor Me Training (1-6)
Learn to use the Sitton Spelling and Word Skills program either on your own or in a small group. Each grade-level module includes an Overview DVD of the series and a grade-specific training on CD-ROM to equip you to begin tomorrow. Invite parents to discover how their child will be learning to spell with the Parent Introduction module (sold separately).



Core Words Activity Cards (1-3)
Springboard from the high-frequency Core Words to more words—and essential language and spelling skills—with these colorful word wall activity cards. Each card includes a grade-specific skill-building activity on the back (3.5 x 6”)
  • Grade 1: Core Words 1–35, plus 40 onset-rime pattern cards  (sample)
  • Grade 2: Core Words 1–170  (sample)
  • Grade 3: Core Words 1–335  (sample)

Word Skills in Rhythm & Rhyme
Extend the Sourcebook language experiences with exciting skill-based, chant-along rhymes introduced to students on a CD-ROM, and followed up with over 100 blackline master practice pages at each level to reinforce essential language concepts.
Top 100 Words Chart
Your source for the top 100 high-use writing words (Core Words 1–100), an 18 x 24” colorful alphabetical everyday reference for every classroom. (Available in 5-packs)
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Teaching Posters
Five colorful 18 x 24” grade-specific posters come with each Sourcebook, and may also be purchased separately for replacement or stand-alone use.
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