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Spellwell DD

Spellwell Dd includes the last 15 lessons for fifth grade. Each word list features a different phonetic element or word pattern, and includes 17 - 20 Spellwell words, 2 - 3 Outlaw (high-frequency) words, and additional room for classroom words that can be individualized to meet the needs of each student. The exercises are designed to be completed in 4 days, working 30 minutes each day, with the fifth day of the week designated for the spelling test. Exercises include games with rhyming, sorting, and adding affixes, writing exercises, and extension activities.

Skills Addressed
• Suffixes (-able, -ible, -ify, -ity, -ous, -ture, -ate, -tive)
• Prefixes (en-, ex-, in-, dis-, im-, in-, un-, per-, pre-, pro-, mis-,re-, sub-)
• Words with long u and i
• Diphthongs (au, ou)
• Sounds of ea
• Adding suffixes to words ending in -y
• Word patterns (-ic, -ck, -ical)
• Plurals (regular and irregular)
About Spellwell: This flexible spelling series from the author of Explode The Code Spelling was designed for the heterogeneous classroom. It teaches grade-level words that follow a particular pattern as well as words that are chosen by the individual student.