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Vocabulary from Classical Roots Student Book A

These interactive student books are organized by eight themes based on Greek and Latin roots. The books includes 16 lessons and each theme is covered over the course of two lessons. Each lesson features 3 - 5 roots and 10 - 12 key words derived from these roots. Words are presented with dictionary-style definitions, and all words are used in example sentences.

All or Nothing
More or Less
Before and After
 monos, unus, dou, bi, tri, quartus, decem, centum
pan, omnis, holos, totus,claudo, incipio, nihil, nego, vanus, aperio
mikros, minuo, tenuo, satis, impleo, copia, makros, magnus, megas, poly
ante, pre, primus, post
artis, aoide, canto, pingo, cresco, facio, texo
trans, ire, erro, hodos,iter, venio, tele, via
celer, curro, glomus, jacio, salio, valeo, volvo
apis, avis, bovis, canis, caper, equus, felis, leo, piscis, porcus, serpens, simia, ursa, zoion

Lists of “Familiar Words” and “Challenge Words” are provided for each root to help all students activate prior knowledge and keep advanced students on task. Nota Benes sprinkled throughout the text enliven presentation and give interesting information on word history and additional derivations. Exercises include synonym/antonym, fill in the blank, identification of incorrect usage, and analogies. Review activities including writing extensions, discussion questions, and other exercises are provided after every two lessons.