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Wordly Wise B

Wordly Wise by Kenneth Hodkinson, is one of our oldest vocabulary programs. Many years ago, we introduced a new edition, Wordly Wise 3000, to support your changing classroom needs. In 2003 we added teacher's guides and reproducible tests helping you prepare your students for standardized testing. The original edition, Wordly Wise, will not be revised or updated. We provide this information to help you plan for upcoming school years and suggest you consider Wordly Wise 3000.

Wordly Wise, Book B is made up of 10 lessons with 8–12 words in each lesson. Words taught in Book B include ripple, errand, casual, frigid, dozen, lean, surname, batch, notch, and understand. The presentation of the vocabulary in this book differs slightly from Book A. When appropriate, more than one meaning of a word is presented, and the number of drawings is decreased to allow for expanded text. Comprehension of the vocabulary words is facilitated and reinforced through the three different exercises repeated in each lesson.

With 12 books and over 4050 words, Wordly Wise helps bridge the gap between students’ thinking they know what a word means and actually being able to put the meaning into words.