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Words are Wonderful, Book 1

Words Are Wonderful: An Interactive Approach to Vocabulary, Book 1 introduces students to dictionary guide words and entries, homophones, compound words, words with multiple meanings, alliteration, synonyms and antonyms, prefixes, roots, suffixes, contractions, possessives, analogies, idioms, and inflectional verb endings. The selections are drawn from science, social studies (historical report and biography), stories (myth, fairy tale, folktale, and fable), and poetry, and include a first-person report, a sports report, a book report, and a journal entry. Every sixth lesson is a review.

Skills Addressed
• Alliteration
• Analogies
• Antonyms
• Compound words
• Context clues
• Contractions
• Dictionary use: guide words and entries
• Hierarchies and sets
• Homophones
• Homophones
• Idioms
• Picture clues and captions
• Prefixes: in-, un-, re-, out-, over-
• References: globes, almanacs, and atlases
• Roots: numbers (uni-, bi-, tri-, mono-, du-, dec-, cent-, and mill-); fort-
• Spelling: the letters qu-
• Suffixes: -er, -ful, -ion, -or, and -ly
• Synonyms
• Tables of data
• Test Taking/Assessment
• Verb Endings: -ed, -ing
• Visualizing words
• Webbing
• Words with multiple meanings
• Writing: interactive and independent
The Words Are Wonderful vocabulary program provides lessons targeting each student’s instructional level, individual needs, and learning style with a wide range of exercises and activities.