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Words are Wonderful, Book 4

Words Are Wonderful: An Interactive Approach to Vocabulary Book 4 builds students' vocabulary skills through independent and collaborative exercises and activities on dictionary and glossary use, word origins, words from Spanish and French, context clues, homophones, idioms, compound words, shades of meaning, words with multiple meanings, formal and informal use of language, word connotations and denotations, literal and figurative meanings, synonyms and antonyms, prefixes, roots, suffixes, analogies, and footnotes. The selections are drawn from science and technology (dolphins, ice crystals and microphotography, pearls and oysters, and wireless communication); biographies (Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug, Mahatma Gandhi, elephant researcher Cynthia Moss, and Morris Frank, a leader of the seeing-eye dog movement); geography (Iceland and the American Southwest); history (the first trip through the Panama Canal, the Alaskan oil spill), and a West African trickster tale. This 24-lesson book is designed to meet state standards for vocabulary development. Every sixth lesson is a review. A separate, reproducible test book is also available.
The Words Are Wonderful vocabulary program provides lessons targeting each student’s instructional level, individual needs, and learning style with a wide range of exercises and activities.