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Words are Wonderful, Book A

Words Are Wonderful: An Interactive Approach to Vocabulary, Book A, written by Myka-Lynne Sokoloff, builds students' vocabulary skills through independent and collaborative exercises and activities on plurals and other word endings, context clues, homophones, compound words, words with multiple meanings, synonyms and antonyms, prefixes and suffixes, dictionary and glossary use, and rhyming words. The richly illustrated passages are drawn from science (the life cycle of a butterfly and the water cycle); science fiction (robots); social studies and technology (how butter is made); biography (Native American potter Maria Martinez); and realistic fiction. Also included are a folktale ("The Little Red Hen") and a play ("The Three Wishes"). Each lesson features a Writer's Workshop with a graphic organizer to help students structure their ideas and plan their writing. This 12-lesson book is designed to meet state standards for vocabulary development. Every fourth lesson is a review. A separate reproducible test book is also available.

Skills Addressed
• Analogies
• Antonyms
• Compound words
• Context clues
• Contractions
• Dictionary and glossary use
• Homophones
• Inflected verb ending -ed
• Irregular plural nouns
• Multiple meaning words
• Onomatopoeia
• Plural endings -s, -es, -ies
• Prefixes un- and re-
• Rhyming words
• Science words
• Social studies words
• Suffixes: -er, -est, -ful, -ly
• Synonyms
• Test taking/Assessment
• Words that describe feelings
• Writing
The Words Are Wonderful vocabulary program provides lessons targeting each student’s instructional level, individual needs, and learning style with a wide range of exercises and activities.