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Words are Wonderful Teacher's Edition, Book 1

The Words Are Wonderful Teacher’s Edition, Book 1 wraps around the reduced and annotated student pages and provides extensive teaching suggestions that include opening, instructional, and closing measures for each lesson. From a wide array of activities and exercises, teachers can choose those that work best for their students, including word walls, word sorts, shared and choral reading, interactive and independent writing, syllable claps, and picture searches.

• Reduced and annotated student pages
• Objectives for each lesson correlated with state standards
• Word lists, phrases, and word elements at the beginning of each lesson
• Book Spots with reading and resource suggestions on the lesson topics
• Enrichment activities in each lesson that extend students’ practicewith vocabulary strategies and words
• Challenging activities in each lesson for students with varied needs, abilities, and learning styles, including verbally talented learners, visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, and ELS students
• Options for scheduling three-, four-, or five-day-a week vocabulary instruction
• Page numbers always correspond to those in the student book
• Activities for assessment and review
The Words Are Wonderful vocabulary program provides lessons targeting each student’s instructional level, individual needs, and learning style with a wide range of exercises and activities.