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Words are Wonderful Tests for Book 4

These tests will help teachers assess their students' knowledge of the vocabulary words they have learned in Book 4 of Words Are Wonderful as well as their understanding of word elements and strategies for decoding unfamiliar words. At the same time, students practice multiple-choice test-taking formats that are widely used in mandatory state tests.


• Assessment of every word in every lesson, including multiple meanings
• Gives clear picture of students' progress
• Formats most often used in state testing programs
• Midterm and final assessments feature new reading passages and new vocabulary words in context so that students can apply their word-decoding skills and the roots, prefixes, and suffixes they have learned in Book 4 to new material.
• Reproducible blackline master with answer keys is a valuable assessment resource

The Words Are Wonderful vocabulary program provides lessons targeting each student’s instructional level, individual needs, and learning style with a wide range of exercises and activities.