Math Force® is educational technology built to enable the human touch. Teachers can assign the curated lesson pathways already built into the program or modify them as little or as much as they choose based on their own knowledge and experience. Along the way, actionable reports give teachers a comprehensive real-time view of student performance and progress.

Customizable learning through the Planning Center

Grades, Topics, and Lessons

Each grade in Math Force is divided into Topics, and Topics are broken down into Lessons consisting of instruction and corresponding practice. Varied activities are nested in the lessons to engage all types of learners.

Math force grades, topics, lessons

Search capability

In the Planning Center, teachers can easily gather assets offered in lessons, searchable by standard and keyword.

Math Force search capability

Custom assignment

Teachers can sequence activities with drag-and-drop ease to shape lessons for a group of students or the whole class.

Math Force custom assignment

Alternative pathways

Alternative pathways can be built at the teacher's discretion, to differentiate instruction for individual students based on a score threshold chosen by the teacher.

Math Force alternative pathways

Customizable assessments

Math Force offers multiple ways to pinpoint students' strengths and weaknesses, from simple curated topic quizzes to comprehensive assessments, all providing immediate feedback through instant scoring and reports that guide next steps.

Creating Assessments

Assessments can be created in one of two ways:

Math Force Custom Assessment, Wizard created
The program can automatically build an assessment made of test questions with the topics/lessons and difficulty levels the teacher has specified. The teacher can edit it by adding, removing, and reordering questions, or even share it with other teachers.
Math Force custom assignment
Math Force lets teachers custom-build assessments for their students with its unique Test Generator. Teachers can choose from hundreds of questions in Skill, Application, Reasoning, and Comprehension, all aligned by standards, skills, and difficulty levels.

Classroom-level reports

Math Force generates classroom reports on all tests, leveled questions, topic quizzes, and Try Its, helping teachers recognize problem areas. All reports can be exported in PDF or Excel format.

Class Topic Report
Shows student achievement across an entire topic. Colors indicate levels achieved in each lesson.
Class Topic Quiz Report
Provides a snapshot of where students need more support, broken down by student and learning area.
Class Lesson Report
Documents all work completed in the lesson, including Try Its and Lightning Round games. Colored squares show the difficulty levels of questions, and numbers indicate how many were tried and correctly answered.

Student-level reports

All Math Force student reports are visible to both students and their teachers and can be printed as PDFs.

Student Course Report
Summarizes student work across an entire grade, including results on leveled questions in each lesson. Colored squares signal how many lessons have been completed in each topic.
Student Topic Report
Details all work completed in a whole topic, including topic quiz results.