Engineered for empowerment.

Educational technology is only as valuable as its ability to help teachers teach and students learn. That's why Math Force® is designed instead to put all its interactive tools at the teacher's disposal in order to reach all types of learners. It represents the culmination of a 20-year development process, grounded in research and refined by continuous teacher input.

Powerfully grounded in research.

Math Force consistently honors research-proven principles of effective learning. Every aspect of the program is designed to increase students' interest and appetite for learning to promote higher levels of achievement. These evidence-based methods include:

Gradual release

The teacher-led transfer of responsibility is seen throughout the program, including its Power Builder worksheets and Try It assisted demonstrations.


Math Force supports students the way a teacher does, by asking questions or giving hints. Instruction in lessons, tasks, and support materials is designed to guide students to mastery.

Virtual manipulatives

Power Plays are interactive animations that help students visualize math concepts. These animations offer varying levels of interaction and have a game-like feel to galvanize student engagement.


Specific and timely feedback turbocharges learning. Try Its deliver with immediate confirmation of results or helpful guidance to ensure understanding and skill mastery.


Examine the evidence.

Browse a report that details the research-based techniques that demonstrate the Tier 4 efficacy of the program.