About the Program

How to Construct Responses to Open-Ended Math Questions

Write Math! delivers an effective plan for answering challenging open-ended questions on high-stakes tests.  Each on-grade-level text provides plenty of strategy-building instruction that teaches students to tackle open-ended questions correctly. Included are modeled examples of numerical computations and written explanations of how to arrive at a final solution.
This series will leave students confident and prepared.
Support your classroom with:
  • Small-group activities that allow students to collaborate and share different thinking processes and approaches to problem solving
  • Rubrics that include instruction on how students can use them to peer-assess and self-assess their solutions
  • Chapters that are dedicated to each NCTM Standard
Motivate students from math success!
  • Tips on how to get the best score included throughout the text
  • Keywords are called out with an accompanying glossary to improve math-language fluency
  • Quiz with test-like open-ended questions at the end of each NCTM-based chapter
  • Two final 20-question tests for extra practice in a test-like format
  • Answer keys, strategies for use, scoring rubrics, and take-home activity pages included in Teacher’s Guide