About The Program

Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) provides training for those who want more direct instruction in how to use PAF than is provided in the manual.

The PAF course is provided in two parts, Part I and Part II. The training can be augmented with follow-up seminars and on-site supervision.

Part I

Part II


  • Multisensory Teaching: Principles and Rationale
  • Phonology and Structure of English
  • Children at Risk for Reading Disabilities
  • The Form of the Daily Lesson
  • The Daily Review
  • Introduction of a Phonogram
  • Introduction of a Red Word
  • Spelling Dictation
  • The Reading Lesson
    • Stages of Reading Development
    • Word, Phrase and Sentence Lists
    • Teaching Comprehension
  • Getting Started—Screening and Placement of Students


  • Review of the Daily Lesson Sequence
  • Long Vowel Choices
  • Introduction of morphology
  • Causes of Reading Disability
  • Developing Accuracy and Fluency
  • Developing Comprehension Skills
  • Syllabication
  • Spelling Rules
  • Addressing the needs of older remedial readers

Click here to learn more about PAF, and to download free sample lessons.

Training is available directl​y from PAF.  For more detailed information and pricing, visit their Web site at www.pafprogram.com/teacher_training.html.